Step-By-Step Lay Betting Guide
For Football

This easy-to-follow, step-by-step lay betting guide has been specifically created from the ground up to provide you with help. Purposely designed with football lay betting in mind for taking a profit from the betting exchanges when you lose.

The system shows instructions on how to select winning football bets that possess the suitable potential for winning money - therefore, if this laying system is followed you could end up with more profit than you ever dreamt possible.

step-by-step lay betting guide for football

Having a football lay betting system idea is only the first step, the next obstacle is testing, tweaking and developing the final system over an extended number of years. Some of the more simple systems require very little testing, but the burning question then is - do they continue to work as expected forever?

The answer is "probably not" because almost every systematic method I have created over a number of years, will always require a little bit of adjustment here and there when finalising the rules of the system.

After saying that, laying systems for football that require significant adjustments at the testing stage are probably not worth pursuing any further. The ones that require just minimal adjustment are usually the ones that turn out to be the real 'keepers'.

Why any lay betting system designed for football laying must have the right ingredients for success...

Any betting system creator must be able to convince himself/herself straight of the bat, that the whole concept of the final system is valid, and the system possesses all the vital ingredients that all successful systems for betting on football must have in their final makeup.

It naturally follows that the concept behind the idea for the lay betting system must be a profitable one before taking things further into creation. Sometimes, a football system can look really good on paper, but then could turn out to be unprofitable when plunged into the real world testing environment.

Forget all about betting tipsters that don't deliver on their promises. Just by following the fully explained rules of this unique betting exchange method for soccer you will have the very best football lay betting system available at your very own fingertips.

This will give you the very best laying bets available, easily generated by simply following the rules of this one-of-a-kind systematic betting strategy for football.

Many years of testing and research can prove whether a football lay betting system is worthy of following...

This proven system for football has evolved over a great number of years by researching, compiling and adapting a huge database of soccer match results. All of this valuable data has proven to be a crucial factor in determining the overall success of the football laying strategy.

Results and statistics from EVERY soccer match played since the year 2000, extensive match data from 12 major European leagues has been painstakingly entered into a huge database.

Armed with a uniquely profitable soccer system for profit together with your newly found knowledge at your fingertips, you'll have everything you could possibly need to enable you to profit over 90% of the time.

It doesn't matter whether you are a complete novice or an experienced lay bettor. You will be in the enviable position of being able to establish your own best football lay bets to lose, simply by using the very best soccer system available for betting on Betfair.

This unique bet to lose laying method designed for using on the betting exchanges will enable you to win many times virtually every week, to make big money throughout the soccer season without any input from any bookmaker whatsoever.

Yes, this lay betting guide used in conjunction with this powerful Betfair betting exchange system is proven to be highly profitable over several years of refining, testing and development.

Furthermore an extremely high strike rate in excess of 90% has been maintained, together with the highly impressive and consistent yearly betting exchange profit achieved from losing.

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