Powerful Betting Systems
For Lay Betting On Football

The art of lay betting on football is being able to consistently pick out losers. If you can regularly do this you will always win far more than you ever lose.

Anyone who has ever tried their hand at the football lay without having a powerful betting system in place, will know how stressful and difficult it can be, if and when things go wrong.

For this reason lay bettors are extremely anxious to ensure that they get this very important part of their lay betting right when they first start laying.

powerful betting systems for lay betting on football

Proven consistency should be your primary concern when you start using lay betting systems. Just keep the word ‘PROVEN’ in your head for now, you will see why later.

I have tested a wide range of football betting systems over the years, continually striving to find that proven and unique betting system formula that can deliver the results and winning strike rate that I'm looking for.

What I discovered, was that a system or strategy that is not ‘proven beyond doubt’ would be unable to sustain the same level of profit when tested over a longer term. Therefore the winning pattern could not be relied upon to continue at the same level.

Powerful and proven trends for football lay betting could hold the answer to profit...

The conclusion I came to was this: To sustain a consistent long-term profit from a lay betting system for football. I needed to apply ‘trend following’, not unproven trends, but consistent trend following that is PROVEN to work over many consecutive years of testing.

Any time you follow trends like the ones below, you simply won’t be able to overlook the potential profit that they have to offer…

Some of these trends are so strong they just keep paying out. Therefore ignoring the potential on offer here, could signal financial suicide for your betting bank.

Let me explain, the lay bets and systems that trend regularly are very powerful indeed. And because of this, have more than proved their worth, on more than one occasion.

Powerful football betting system winners 98% of the time - would you bet on them?

If you unearthed the system for betting on football that was a proven winner of 98% of all bets it generated, would you make a point of following the very next bet that the system advised as a bet? Who wouldn’t you, anyone would be a fool not to!

Now you must understand that while knowledge like this is highly valuable, the bet mentioned here is only one bet from a whole collection of bets.

The whole collection of extremely high strike-rate lay bets extends to six altogether. Each one of these bets can independently display a whole range of winning bets in excess of ninety percent.

Every single one of these lay bet types has undergone stringent ongoing analysis, and the monitoring continues.

Now take a serious look at the following questions:-

With very a high success rate like that – would you lay the bets advised by the system with a renewed confidence of success in your heart?

If you were told to follow the exact instructions and betting system advice exactly as laid out in the system – do you think you could make a profit, from betting on them exactly as instructed?

If you had access to information that 99% of the betting public don’t know about – would you act on that profitable info whenever possible?

I am assuming that you answered a resounding ‘yes’ to at least one of those questions, if you did, don’t miss this chance - act now!

All you need to do is enter your email and name right now for more information (top right on this page).

Understand lay betting with this betting system advice

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