Lay Betting - Is It Really Profitable?

What if you discovered a lay betting system with a proven ability to win consistently, furthermore this system consisted of a way to make big profits simply by making the right bets. How much profit could you make from a money-making betting method like that, and would it be really profitable from the start?

To enable you to win a high percentage of the time (like 90% or more) you need to completely forget about the traditional way of 'back betting'. Most likely you will be saying right now, - "yeah I know, I have heard many things like this before!".

lay betting is it really profitable?

When lay betting arrived on the scene, the entire way that we all bet has really shifted into our favour. It is a whole new ball game now because we are able to cash-in from laying losers to make our profit, without ever needing to use a traditional bookmaker ever again. Betting systems do you actually enjoy losing money

Betting this way can make a huge difference to your overall profits both short-term and long-term. The unique ability of being able to 'pick out a loser' from the outcome of a really large range of sports events NOT actually happening, really can make this special type of gamble appear as a very attractive proposition. Therefore, allowing a totally modern and unique approach to your overall betting activities.

Simply put... it should be far easier to pick a loser than it would be to pick a winner... turning those losing bets into winners. Backing or laying

Let’s now take a look at 'backing' in the traditional way - using horse racing for our example: Randomly trying to pick a winning horse from a horse race with 10 runners would immediately give you a chance of 1:10 of collecting some money from this race. Now turn this selection process completely on its head by randomly trying to pick a losing horse from the same race... immediately you have given yourself a 9:10 chance of making some cash from your selected horse!

The unique ability to bet on sporting losers is what makes lay betting profitable...

Betting Exchanges such as Betfair allow individuals to lay bet the outcome of something NOT winning/happening. This service has revolutionised our whole approach as bettors, by allowing us to use this highly unique and dedicated service. This amazing method is available to almost anyone with their own exchange account, such as Betfair. Betting examples using the betfair system

Lay betting allows you to use your own judgement in a highly rewarding way to profit from the world of sporting LOSERS. This is a real proven and unique formula.

Yes, you did read that correctly. Simply by picking 'LOSERS' can make you big profits.

The facility of identifying losers across a wide range any sport events has become the norm ever since betting exchanges were introduced onto the scene. Tennis matches, football games, golf tournaments, the game of rugby, horse racing - all of these sporting events plus many more are easily utilised with the power of lay betting. This is a dream that has really come true isn't it? It is just that good.

The whole concept is quite simple, if happens to be a sport then you can in all probability use the lay bet facility to predict the final outcome of the event/sport.

A lot of people betting on the internet have really taken to these modern methods in a really big way. Because of the power that exchange betting has allowed them, the everyday person can really win some cash every time something actually loses, in much the same as the bookmakers, particularly if you start with football, which happens to be my preferred choice. Betting how to win when you lose

The right kind of lay betting information is paramount to make any long-term laying profit. 'Right kind', what does that mean exactly? How do you go about finding it? The amount of information available is virtually everywhere you look. How do you find a safe and reliable strategy to use? Finding a 'trusted' system could just turn out more challenging than was first thought?

First and foremost you need to have complete trust in yourself. Take stock and evaluate what you want to achieve from betting. Adopt a totally unique approach to finding losers. Take some time to really evaluate what could work out well for you. Your long-term profitability depends on you. Proven systems that win 9 times from 10

Why your lay betting selections should be the absolute best to make things really profitable for you...

If you have ever tried you luck with any type of betting methods you should realise that the system that generates the bets is only ever as good as the rationale behind the selection process itself and must not be weak of feeble. Therefore, it goes without saying that all qualifiers derived from the betting strategies used should be of the very highest quality right from the start. Whatever method you decide upon will be crucial to your long-term profitability, make absolutely sure that you get this part right.

Winning 9 times out of 10... whether it's a question of selecting a horse race or a football match, doesn't that sound like your favourite position to be in?

Don’t randomly make your selections - seek out the right system for you.

Choose a lay betting system with a proven and verifiable long-term record of past results - look towards football as a typical example. Laying guide to betting exchanges

Realistically – if you are serious about making money consistently from the world of losers whether it is football, horse racing, or any other sport, then you may need some help, or really consider the information source and system that generates the qualifying football/horse selections for you. Make lay betting a winning habit

People from all walks of life are winning regularly from this - you just need to find the right method to use. Enter you name and email above (top right) to learn more.

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