How To Win Consistently
With The Football Laying System

Many people have discovered their share of problems when they try their hand at football lay betting for the first time, I know myself from past experience. Sometimes bad things happen to your betting bank and you just have to move on and deal with it.

It's often been said that if it doesn't kill you it can only make you stronger, this is something I have to agree with. Our own ability to handle and react to the many problems that come along is key to winning money consistently with any football laying system.

how to win consistently with the football laying system

If you are the sort of person that freaks out when something goes wrong with one of your lay bets then you won't last very long in the lay betting business, or anything even remotely related to betting. Why? Because it's an impossibility to win all of the time. Profit should be your one and only guide to success, not how many times you win or lose, that's irrelevant.

What could possibly go wrong when trying to win a little money from a betting system specifically designed for football lay betting that gets the job done? Well many things actually. The system you are following can suddenly hit a losing patch, and your betting bank takes a nasty hit. When this happens it's demoralising to say the least.

Even a consistent lay betting system for football that knows how to win must lose sometimes...

When everything has been going well for a while, you can witness your lay betting profits soaring high one day, to a sudden drop the next, almost overnight. Suddenly your profits start going south and its time to figure out what you have to do next.

I have needed to deal with this situation may times, and you will to, if you want to find success with any type of betting system. That's why you should completely understand everything required about how to make full use of the football lay on Betfair.

Whether the system was designed for laying or betting, it doesn't matter the principles are always the same, your profit levels can be up one minute and down the next, it's just the way it is with betting because no systematic method or strategy can win every single time. There has to be winners and losers in betting just like there is in life.

If you can answer 'yes' to the following question your football laying system is working just fine...

The most important thing to keep in mind is - are you making a profit overall? If you can honestly answer 'yes' to that question then you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Take a look at this: Betting Systems Money Management

What you must understand is that all betting or laying systems, whether they are used for football or some other sport, the answer to that question should always the same. 'YES' I am in profit overall, otherwise you do have a problem and you should stop betting right now.

When it comes to profitable football betting, it doesn't really matter whether you are betting or laying. The only two things that you should really take notice of are consistency and profit. Get this balance right with a consistent level of wins, and the level of profit will automatically look after itself without the need for any interaction from you.

For a long time now, people have tried to find different ways to make some extra money by following all sorts of weird and wonderful systematic methods. Living in the hope that one day they will find the perfect football laying system.

A system that will show them how to win consistently, bringing in the profit levels they so desire. It's such a lovely feeling when this happens, knowing that there is a huge financial return at stake for you.

We all know that the difference between winning and losing is obviously profit or loss, but primarily you should ask yourself just one simple question - is the system you are following PROVEN?

Things can go wrong very quickly when following a football laying system that isn't proven to work. The system you follow should know how to win consistently and have PROVEN profitability, spanning over many years of testing, and more testing.

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Why the football laying system requires patience for maximum effect


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