How To Win Money
With The Football Lay Bet

The bookmakers always make massive yearly profits each and every year by simply allowing their customers to 'back' the final outcome of almost any football match because the 'backer' always believes that their betting selection will be a winner.

This is the well known way of traditional back betting. If your back wager actually ends up being successful then it becomes your bookies job to fork out all of the profits you have won from the bet. However if your betting system choice actually loses then the good old bookies will quite happily keep all your original stake. You are acknowledged by default as the 'backer', or 'back bettor'.

how to win money with the football lay bet

A 'layer' is considered the exact opposite of to the 'backer' - it is pretty much identical to enjoying the well known role of bookmaker. Discover the laying formula that wins.

Ever since the introduction of Betfair, it has been well and truly adopted as the biggest and undoubtedly the best betting exchange available to suit all your betting needs.

You have the tremendous ability to lay your bets in a very similar manner to how the bookies have always done and continue to do so, to win huge amounts of yearly profit from their consumers.

The football lay bet can only win money for you when your selection actually loses...

If ever the final result of any soccer match that you bet in this way does indeed lose, you would then be fortunate enough to keep the whole amount of your original money staked, just as the bookies do when you pick out a loser. You are known as the 'layer'.

You will hear people say "you don't actually see any poor bookies do you". That is very true, but to fully understand how this system of betting really works you will need to draw upon the help and informational text contained with these web pages, then move forward by taking on board what is relevant to you over the long-term.

The football lay bet was a long time coming, but when it finally arrived on the scene it was like a breath of fresh air, that completely changed the way we all bet forever.

We have been financially abused by the bookmakers for far too long. Now is the time to fight back by making our own decisions about whether something will win or lose, that's the sheer beauty of football laying.

Many options are now available to us all - because we can choose to either use the football lay bet, or the football back bet...

No longer are we at the mercy of the traditional bookmaker, we now have our own voice about all of the betting decisions we make about whether we lay or bet our final selections. Now we can enjoy the excitement of winning with the football lay bet.

How the betting landscape has changed for the better since the arrival of Betfair, now betting will never ever be the same again.

Betfair and the football lay bet are like a marriage made in heaven to everyone who likes to have a bet on the beautiful game, and long may it continue.

Used by lay bettors worldwide the football laying system is the preferred option by many, as opposed to alternative of traditional back betting. Both options are still widely used, but now at least we have the option of choosing the type of bet we want, and that's great for the betting world because having a choice is always good.

Many people have discovered that the football lay is really simple to use, but at the same time highly effective at winning money if done correctly.

You see, the incredible lay betting system for football has nothing to do with winning, but it has everything to do with losing. As you have probably guessed, or already know, to be successful with the football lay you have to pick a loser, as I explained in more detail at the beginning of this article.

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