How Football Lay Betting Works

This information explains how football lay betting works and how most of the established bookmakers really do make an obscene amount of yearly betting profit from the game of football. These vast yearly profits are generally made at the expense and help of the betting public by simply allowing their customers to make 'football back bets'. The people who make these wagers feel confident that they can start winning and become a betting success story given time.

how football lay betting works

This type of betting is considered the more traditional type of 'back' bet. Your stake will be kept by the bookmaker if your football bet is unsuccessful and you will lose your money.

However, if you are lucky and your football bet happens to win, then your winnings from the bet will be paid out to you. This is generally referred to as 'back betting'. You become the 'backer' because you think your bet will win. More info about 'backers'.

The opposite of 'backing' is 'laying' or 'lay betting' - if you make maximum use of betting exchanges such as Betfair you will be able to gain access to the football lay betting system and how it works. This will enable you to do basically the same thing as most of the bookies do everyday. More info about 'layers'.

This profitable exchange system enables lay betting on football, this is how the cash rich bookies draw the majority of their huge yearly profit margins. Betting on Betfair

Due to the fact that you are reading this proves that you instinctively realise that you ought to know better that to just 'blindly back' a football team to win, but you want to make some decent betting system profit for yourself. Don't think of yourself as one of those mugs, who regularly throw their hard-earned cash into the bookies pockets. Read over this section again by taking a good look at your football betting habits so that you can change habitual betting forever.

How lay betting on football can play the bookmakers at their own game...

You now have the unique opportunity to play the bookies at their own game, this can be done at anytime that fits into your lifestyle, by using a betting exchange to lay bet the outcome of almost any football match. If that bet loses as expected (because you are laying), you get to keep your original money staked in more or less the same identical fashion as the bookies have always done. You are the 'layer'. My research shows that football is by far the best method of choice. Football laying system

You've probably heard the saying "a poor bookie is very hard to find".

Think about the question below and decide if football lay betting is for you...

If you can make cash from using an incredible lay betting system for football, in pretty much the same way as a bookie by becoming a 'football layer' on the betting exchanges, why on earth would anyone want to be a 'football backer' ever again?

From the time that betting first began people started thinking about ways to make money from it. The emergence of licensed bookmakers and the betting opportunities they could offer made betting exciting for many people.

The football lay betting system is a thoroughly modern way of betting that offers people a unique 'betting edge'. Like never before people can bet like a bookmaker by laying their bets on just about any sport imaginable, not just football.

All betting starts from the same point. It's what happens to that bet that determines whether you win or lose. Most people fail miserably when they start betting, no matter how good they think they are. This is really good news when laying because you don't want your selection to ever win, you just want it to lose, That's the real beauty of football lay betting. If you can't pick a winner to save your life, give this a go.

What are both football 'backers' and football 'layers' likely to share?


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