Football Back Betting
The Average Backers Outlook

What is the average 'backers' overall expectation from football back betting?

Someone looking for a 'quick fix', knowing that each time that they make a football back bet the odds are stacked firmly against them. They are lured into 'backing' this match based purely on a hunch, or some sort of unpredictable betting system tips, maybe from a mate at work, who is convinced that this team will win because of the goals they scored in their last game when they were playing their home match.

what does this football lay betting system mean for you

The temptation is just too much to resist, with the prospect of a good football bet system win looming with plenty of goals, simply for handing over a relatively small amount of money, and the bookies odds look very attractive for their team.

Most of the time, only by entering a bookmakers premises the 'gambler' can be observed in action, quite often they will have their own unique betting system for selecting their back bets.

This could be a list of hot tips, family birthdays, lucky numbers, tips from a mate, or some other wacky selection process. Sometimes, the gambler can be observed, hurriedly scanning the next race card, picking out their lucky number, then running to the counter to make their gamble.

Why bookmakers absolutely love backers...

Then they invariably watch it lose, but the really strange thing is that they seem to follow this same procedure throughout the day, race after race - the bookies just love this type of gambler! UK Football Betting

Now, I'm not suggesting for one moment that all people who like to have a systematic football bet to try and win some money are all gamblers. In fact, many people take their 'backing' very seriously indeed, with some actually making a very nice regular profit solely from back betting, by using statistical analysis, studying form, goals average per game, or maybe following reliable betting tips, or some other systematic way.

You might fall into this category, maybe you have a really unique method for choosing that hot horse in a race, or maybe you study statistics relating to premiership football betting before you put your money down on that all important back bet.

If so, then you have done extremely well and I wish you only the very best, but you are very much in the minority if your team backing makes you a long-term profit.

However there is another way - the lay bet can start you winning many times with Betfair betting on the exchanges, even when the goals are nowhere to be seen, or the score is not what you expected.

In any event I feel sure that this type of betting will completely bowl you over and exchange betting on Betfair will completely change the way you think about those greedy bookies. Why, because the bookmaker is not required to start winning on the exchanges.

Have you ever seen a poor bookmaker?

Backers are the lifeblood to the success of all bookmakers, for that reason alone they will keep on fighting for their status within the betting industry.

But, let me ask you this question? Do you ever see a poor bookmaker? A bookie down on his luck, or anything like that. My answer, would be an absolute NO. Alright there could be the odd exception to this rule, for instance, a bookmaker who is not very good at his job and therefore takes too many risks on the bets he takes on a daily basis. A good bookie will always calculate his losses before ever accepting any bet.

Why am I telling you this? Well is all about lay betting systems which is exactly what bookmakers are 'layers'. This site can now give you that required 'edge' to play bookmaker and make profits just like they do now, and have always done. Remember there are hardly any poor bookies - now you can get a piece of the action with lay betting.

If you would like to discover a whole lot more about this amazing and unique way of betting - which is better known as the laying system - then why not go to the top right of this page and simply enter you name and email address above.


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