How To Win Money Football Laying

As soon as football laying was introduced by the betting exchanges, it was instantly recognised as something that would change the face of betting forever and show us exactly how to win money betting on football. It was new, fresh and exciting, and for the first time we had the opportunity to lay bet on football, as well as a whole host of other sports.

When laying was first introduced it caused quite a stir, especially with bookmakers, both online and offline. They knew right from the very beginning that the football lay bet would have a huge impact on their profit margins.

how to win money football laying

Of course exchange betting didn't just cater for lay betting on football, laying was freely available across a wide range of already established sports, like horse racing, golf, cricket, rugby, tennis, motor racing, to name just a few.

The betting exchange called Betfair was never happy to just sit there and let things happen naturally. They were obviously highly motivated from day one, to make their exchange the absolute best it could be.

They knew from the very beginning that they had something both special and unique to offer their customers, but for me football laying was the area that interested me the most, because now for the first time ever, I could make money from losers.

Learning how to win money from football laying you need to adapt the way you think about betting...

Betfair leads the way, there’s absolutely no doubt about it. Even now, many years after their arrival, they are still constantly reinventing and adapting the way they do things, keeping everything modern and up-to-date in the world of lay betting.

One things for sure, the football laying system has established itself as one of the lay bettors favourite options, and has also become one of my own personal favourites when lay betting.

Football lay betting was born to survive the ups and downs that regular back betting can throw at us when we least expect it to. It’s definitely worth keeping the lay bet on your side.

You will also discover that laying can adapt right into your own personal style of betting, without you really knowing about it.

Luck will come and go, but if you follow a proven football laying system consistency will always play its part in winning to help balance things out, whether you are winning, or even losing, it’s profit that counts at the end of the day.

People enjoy having a bet on football for a whole variety of different reasons. Some will be dreaming of a big win, some will take a more steady approach. Others might take a willy-nilly attitude, without any structure to their betting habits whatsoever.

Football laying is not difficult just different...

More often than not, a bombastic approach is completely the wrong way to bet. If this happens to be your style of betting, why not change your tactics now to something more suited to lay betting.

Why football laying? You need to think differently. Football back betting without any reason or structure to back-up what you are doing can cost you dearly, losing more than you win. With football laying, those losers could be turned into winners for you.

Why? Because you now know every time you lose with lay betting, your fortunes are reversed and you actually win some money. However it must be said, you need to consistently pick losers to keep on winning those lay bets.

People can often relate better to football laying, because the really high rate of success that the lay bet can produce, acts as an added built-in attraction.

A phenomenal strike rate of over 90% can really add the feel good factor to any number of systematic betting strategies. For this reason alone, people love using the lay bet because they can feel success looming more often than not.

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