Best Lay Betting System On Betfair
Lay Betting Explained

The lay betting system on Betfair has spread like wildfire making it one of the best and most popular bets available online today. This unique betting exchange has been very clever in recent years. They saw a gap in the market and went for it, the conventional bookmakers didn't like it very much, but as they soon discovered they couldn't do anything at all about it and as a result the betting exchanges are going nowhere. They are rock solid and here to stay.

Lay Betting System

Most of the betting public love Betfair because they offer a whole range of different and unique bets that were unheard just a few years ago. One of their most popular bet is of course the lay bet. This type of bet was once restricted only to bookmakers, even now, whenever you have a traditional back bet with a regular bookmaker, although you are 'back betting' the bookmaker is actually 'lay betting' in just the same way as they have always done. Understand lay betting

What is the best betfair system for lay betting?

One thing you need to realise is that the lay betting system on Betfair has become so popular, that the bookies are now actually laying some of their own bets on the betting exchanges to reduce their overall liabilities. Particularly on the some of the bigger bets, where if the bet actually won the bookies liability would be very high.

In certain situations it this makes good business sense for the general bookie, enabling them to 'lay off' a small or large portion, of any bet they consider carries too much liability. This has the effect of bringing their liability down to a more manageable level, whilst still leaving them a fair profit if things go as they originally planned.

So why don't the bookmakers like betting exchange sites, such as Betfair. Well, it's mainly to do with the fact that just about anyone with a funded Betfair account can now take on the persona of bookmaker. Therefore allowing them full access to the lay betting system on Betfair, to lay bet pretty much any sporting event, game or match, that in their considered opinion will lose. Betfair how to

The best lay betting betfair system explained...

Let me explain, if you walk into any traditional high street bookmakers, or visit them online, then let's say you decided to have a bet with them, you would then automatically become the 'backer' by default. Conversely the bookmaker who accepts the bet from you will always be the 'layer'. There is absolutely no way that you can lay bet, or be the layer with any traditional bookmaker, this has always been there domain, that was until the Betfair betting exchange came along and stole their thunder.

On the other hand, let's assume that you have a lay bet on Betfair using the lay betting system because you consider the bet you have chosen to make, has in your opinion, absolutely no chance of winning. Now things are very different because you are the 'layer' and somebody else on the betting exchange has taken a different view.

Now the 'backer' on Betfair has obviously taken the completely opposite view about how the result will end. The backer fully expects the bet to win and therefore made their back bet accordingly. How does lay betting differ from back betting

The whole transaction from both sides of the bet is fully handled by Betfair in the background, with no input required from either the backer or layer. If you win, or lose (depending on which side of the fence you sit) the exchange will pay any winnings or deduct any losses straight to/from your Betfair account, this usually happens very quickly, as soon as the final result is known. They will also deduct a small commission from whatever amount of profit you make, the maximum is 5%.

The bet from both the backer and the layer will automatically be matched by the betting exchange, this is completely automated and extremely easy to do.

Let me ask you this? Do you think if you asked a regular bookmaker this question: can I have a bet on something to lose? Would their reply be something like - of course you can! I don't think so, their reply would in all probability be something along the lines of: We are bookmakers and take win bets only. How to win when you lose

I hope you can see the real potential available right here and now. All you need to do is adopt the best lay betting system on Betfair and get laying, it's a whole lot more exciting than boring back betting all the time. Try something new and I feel sure you will be pleasantly surprised. As the say "the betting world is now your oyster".

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