Lay Betting Examples Using
The Betfair Betting System

For a long time, Bookmaker's have had it made within the whole betting and gaming industry. However, in recent years they have not quite had everything to themselves like they did prior to the year 2000.

Betting exchanges changed the face of betting forever when they arrived on the scene in the year 2000. They were more than ready and waiting to take the big Bookmakers on without even thinking too much about it at the time.

lay betting examples using the betfair betting system

How did this happen? The Betfair betting system allowed the general betting public to lay bet. When this first happened it took the whole betting world by storm. Both big and small bookies tried everything they could to try and get the Betfair betting exchange closed down, of course this never happened and probably never will.

What is Betfair? Betfair is a betting exchange allowing people with opposing views to bet on something that they think will win, or bet on something to actually LOSE the final outcome of just about any sporting event, like football, horse racing, golf, motor racing, rugby, cricket, boxing, and a whole host of other sports as well.

They also cover many TV shows that have contestants competing against each other, such as: X Factor, Big Brother, The Voice, and many others.

Discover how lay betting combined with the betting system on Betfair can help you win when you lose...

Just think about this for a few minutes and try to decipher what's on offer here. Let's look at horse racing as an example, so you can visit the Betfair site and select any horse race you like, and then pick out one of the runners from that race to lose, as long as it loses then you win, whether it finishes in second place or last place you win.

There is only one way you can lose money from lay betting like this, and that is if the horse you selected actually manages to win the race outright.

Lay betting is basically betting on something that you think won't win, the only way this bet can let you down is if your chosen horse wins.

I have only shown you one example here, but I'm sure you get the picture, you only have to pick out those losers to win money. Lay betting how to win when you lose

You have already seen how it's possible to win money laying in a very specific way on horse racing. But that's not all, the Betfair lay betting system can be very lucrative when applied to just about any sport or event, not just once but as many times as you like. However, football is my number one money-maker on the betting exchanges.

Why football is best for winning money using the Betfair lay betting system...

If you would like to know why I choose football over the myriad of other betting markets available? It's because football lay betting has proven to me many times to be the absolute best betting exchange money maker, with an abundance of ready cash to draw from available across all football betting markets ready for taking, therefore any football betting system bets that you make on Betfair usually get matched very quickly.

Learning the fundamentals about how Betfair betting system works when applied correctly can make you some extra lay betting system profit, and ought to be well worth the time taken.

If you know absolutely nothing at all about lay betting I realise you might be feeling a little perplexed right now, but this type of football betting strategy can pay out handsomely, if you just take some time to learn what its all about, the potential profit will be more than worth the effort, with not a single bookie or any bookmakers anywhere to be seen.

Once you start lay betting on Betfair it will only take a short while to get your head around how everything works on the site. However, when you have your first successful lay bet, it will be like a small ripple in a pond, nevertheless, noticeable by you. Once you start to push things a little further to get ahead of the learning curve, you will start to notice the positive ramifications spread far and wide.

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