How The Betfair Lay Betting System Works - System Strategy Explained

Now let's assume, you have relentlessly followed how your favourite football team has been progressing throughout the current season so far. They have been playing really well without losing a single match so far. You are feeling really confident that because of this fact, their next game could never end with a draw as the final result, particularly as they are playing at their home ground this time, therefore an easy win result should be there for the taking.

Betfair Lay Betting System

The football laying odds are the following on the betting exchange:- Home Team 5/2, The Tie/Draw 2/1, Away Team 5/2.

Here's how betting exchanges make lay betting possible with the betting system odds for a draw result of 2/1:- This example shows Betfair odds for the draw of 2/1, let's say you decide to lay the result of the game ending in a draw for £10 then...

If this football match did actually end up with a draw result your overall loss would be £20 (£10 x 2).

However, if you decided to lay bet the final result ending in a tie, and you were indeed correct with your thinking, because either the home-team or away-team actually won the football game (in other words the match didn't end up with the 'draw' result), you would then be a winner because the original stake of £10 would be kept by you (less a small commission). Find out more by clicking here.

Betfair lay betting system explained - does it work?

With the conventional way of 'back betting' the bookmaker would simply keep all of you original stake money (£10) if your bet actually lost. However, following the betting example used above is exactly the same as placing a £10 bet in the traditional way at odds of 2/1, but there is one very important difference, if this team actually loses their game, as expected and shown in our example, then the original betting money staked of £10 is yours to keep, this is exactly the same as playing the role of the bookmaker, who as we all know are very much in this from the start over the long-term to consistently win.

You can now experience the thrill and excitement of using exchange betting combined with the excitement of the Betfair lay betting system on virtually any sporting occasion imaginable as many times as you like, all without any involvement at all from any of those greedy bookmakers. Betfair how to guide

Think of any sport and you can most likely bet the final result to lose across a wide spectrum of different markets using sports betting systems. These could be football, golf, cricket, horse racing, rugby or maybe tennis, fact is, there are literally new betting markets being created all the time especially with the ever increasing demand for different markets to be offered to the betting public.

Betfair football lay betting system is the strategy proven to work best

Now, I have found that football combined together with a top quality betfair lay betting system, can more often than not become a match made in heaven. The process of learning how to lay bet on football is often a lot less problematic for many people.

Discovering what works, and more importantly what doesn't work, is often one of the biggest hurdles faced by newcomers to this thoroughly modern way of betting on football. I appreciate that anything new to learn can appear as a daunting prospect when you first hear about it. However, this way of how to win money betting on football is proven to work, as long as you follow the rules and stick rigidly to a good quality betting systems money management plan when you start applying your proven Betfair lay betting system.

Some lay bettors can often start out with an obsession when they are searching for the ideal way to start football betting to make some extra money on Betfair. It's alright to be a little cautious by doing your homework before betting with any real money. However, some people become so obsessed that they never actually get anywhere because they are continually testing out systems.

Don't let this be you! Any good quality Betfair lay betting system should be proven to work over a long period of years, not weeks or months. Therefore, the testing has already been done for you and you can start betting with confidence straight away. I am not saying you should start staking huge amounts of money from day one, I would always recommend that you start of with the smallest stakes allowed (currently £2 on Betfair), building up your staking levels and betting bank as you go, slowly and progressively. Lay betting how to win when you lose...


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