How Betting Works With Lay Betting

The phenomenal development and the huge success of Betting Exchanges, like the well respected Betfair, have most definitely enabled many individuals to take their betting to a whole new level. Discover how betting works in harmony with lay betting and how betting on betfair can really work for you, allowing modern day switched on bettors to remove the necessity of traditional bookmakers completely.

how betting works with lay betting

By making proper use of the unique lay betting method (taking bets), available to everyone who has a betting exchange account, can offer a really modern alternative to the traditional style of betting method, more commonly referred to as 'backing'. Furthermore, they can provide many other valuable types of betting that cannot be found elsewhere. Step-by-step lay betting guidance

How this type of betting works:- By offering their clients the 'lay bet' facility, they permit their individual customers to play the enviable position of bookmaker as part of their unique service. This is done in a completely safe environment without any bookmakers whatsoever. Take a look at: Betfair how to

You'll discover how betting odds can change your whole perspective towards betting and how the odds are calculated when laying. This offers a genuine second option to the time-tested conventional bookmaker technique that usually only allows back betting only. The mere presence of this unique facility opens up a whole plethora of different winning angles each time you make a bet. Betfair is without question the giant of the betting exchange world.

How betting works, playing the position of the bookmaker, betting systems for laying - what exactly does this all mean?

Putting it in truly simple words, the modern day betting exchange provides you with the unique ability to really apply your own personal judgement about almost any event or sport that you believe won't win.

You can then take this newly found knowledge forward to develop a better understanding of how this new style lay betting system for profit can really work for you. Then you can use this information to put lay bets on just about any sporting event imaginable, simply because in your own opinion that bet cannot possibly win.

Never again will you be forced into only backing winners to make some extra profit. You can now place pretty much any bet you like, using the betting exchange system for lay betting. This is how betting works on a daily basis for those greedy bookmakers.

This gives you a very powerful advantage over many other bettors trying to make a little extra money from a pastime they love. After saying that, you now know how to make money from the everyday existence of losers. This is made possible by really understanding how this type of betting works on a daily basis, with the added bonus of making some long lasting profits for you.

How exactly does betting work when applied to a football match?

Laying betting systems, let me explain how betting works with a real football example of how the best betting system can function and how the football liabilities are determined when you follow this system...

Consider this, your all time favourite football side is playing on their home turf and therefore you feel completely certain that a 'draw' result is most certainly not considered as part of the equation for this football match. Why? Because you've been closely watching the skill of this particular football team from the start, and have also followed their progress very closely right throughout the current season so far.

The risk probabilities for the final result look like this:- TEAM**X at 5/2, DRAW or TIE** at 2/1, TEAM**Y at 5/2.

Here's how betting works with real football betting odds in a real world betting environment, utilising Betfair lay betting 2/1 odds about the draw/tie:- lay system draw in this instance is priced at 2/1 therefore in the event you decided to lay bet, let's say £10 on the final outcome ending in a draw then...

If this final football result ended with a 'draw' you would then suffer a real loss of £20 (2x10).

In the event that you decided to play position of bookie by calculating in your own mind what you think the odds should really be for the draw result, let's also assume that you think the odds are wrong, thereby thinking that there is some value to be had by laying the draw result then:-

If this football match didn't end with the draw result you'd win and get to keep the original £10 money you staked (minus just a little percentage for Betfair).

Using lay betting system prices as shown above is just like placing a £10 stake at a real 2/1 with any conventional bookie, however with one simple but very important difference. A normal bookmaker will rub his hands and keep your £10 stake money when the wager loses (his profit). However, if you used the laying method you would be able to keep all the original stake money yourself, in just the same way as the bookmakers have always done, and still do every time one of your bets actually loses.

The exchanges offer a huge number of lay system odds on virtually any sports event imaginable and after many years of testing football has proved to be the most profitable for me. How to win consistently with the football laying system

Individuals from all walks of life can now encounter the thrill and excitement of methodical betting on almost any sport, simply by taking the time to comprehend how the exchanges work in conjunction with how betting odds work. This could be horses, motor racing, a golf tournament, a cricket match, the game of football, or perhaps rugby, in actual fact if it's an event or sporting occasion then you definitely should be able to lay bet the outcome. However, as you've probably guessed football is obviously my all-time favourite option to make money from this.

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