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Do You Actually Enjoy Losing Money?

Any betting systems worth their salt should automatically do most of the decision making for you. The idea here is, you follow the rules laid out in the system itself, and that should pinpoint what to bet on, or leave alone.

This selection process will help you to instantly identify what’s profitable, and just as important what isn't. Having this information to hand can help with any modifications that need to be made, helping to minimise any future losses. Also help to discover if the system requires any changes that could improve the systems performance a little better overall, giving you a better profit advantage.

betting systems do you actually enjoy losing money

As a betting system becomes more established you may choose to undertake a full system analysis to help you identify any underlying problems within the system. It’s the best course of action to wheedle out areas where the system might be struggling, so that the system rules can be tweaked and adjusted to make things run smoother.

The privilege of having a very high winning strike rate is something that very few betting strategies enjoy. Because a laying system only looks at losers, which in theory should be a whole lot easier to find, most of the better systems created for laying can achieve an extremely high strike rate of success, around the 90% mark is not unusual.

Get lay betting right by consistently finding those losers can lead the way to some fantastic profits for layers, by achieving a strike-rate in excess of ninety percent. Talking about losers under these circumstances means profit for you because we are only discussing lay betting here.

Do you actually enjoy losing money? Lay betting systems show you how to win when you lose...

The true secret to systematic success from lay betting is the ability to maintain an extremely high success rate. The sort of success I'm talking about here, is a system capable of winning 9 lay bets from 10. This can only be achieved by using a profitable betting system designed specifically for the job in hand.

However, emphasis is put on finding the right betting system, because systems come in many different shapes and formats, so be very careful what system you eventually decide upon. In other words betting systems are not all equal in terms of quality and the bets they produce.

People that make betting mistakes never seem to really learn anything from them. The marketplace associated with betting systems is awash with strategies, methods and systems that are unproven.

Don't take a leap into the dark buying a system that is unproven to work over the long-term. Take a long hard look at all results generated by the system before you part with any money. You should be looking for long-term proven results with substance.

Have a proper think about the sort of system you are about to buy. Is it a betting system that works? Has it got proven substantial results to back up its claims? Are they long-term results spread over many years?

If you can pick out losers you can win money with lay betting...

The most popular reason many betting systems just plain fail, is because they don't yield the results as promised. More often than not, this stems from poor research undertaken by the creator of the system. This results in luck playing its hand, which is hit and miss at the best of times. And is not what you want to see when you have your hard-earned cash riding on the end result.

The risk element is present within every betting system. Because of this you should be prepared at all times. Risk is indiscriminate by nature and can strike when you least expect it to. Every bettor dreads the losing run, but it is part and parcel of the betting world. Knowing this in advance you can prepare for the worst case scenario when initially setting up your betting bank. Betting Systems Money Management

How big or small your betting bank should be is a very personal thing to you. It should take into account the amount of money you are prepared to risk. Also it is much better to structure your pot of money into defined points or units.

It's always a difficult decision to make when trying to balance out the potential risk against the reward you could receive. Most proven betting systems can help with the management of risk automatically. At first, it's important to weigh up your risk against what potential profit or loss you might receive.

Betting systems especially designed for the lay bet only, are really your best course of action to begin with. If the system is well-structured in design, it should help to dispose of the luck factor, that we all tend to rely on from time to time. Top notch research underpinned by long-term proven analysis and results, has to be the best course of action to take in the long run.

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