Betting System Strategies For Football
That Work On Betfair And Win

The bookmakers continue to make their many millions in profit each and every year by following the process of taking back bets from individual punters. Most of these punters will blindly follow a whole variety of betting systems and strategies, just hoping that this will be the day, and an exciting win will happen for them.

Just about all of these bettors wish to 'back' the end result of a game/event/race because the 'backer' thinks the bet should win. This really is the conventional 'backing' method in a nutshell. The betting public however tend to use various back betting system strategies, which means, if your bet actually wins then the bookie will pay you your winnings, but should the bet lose then the bookmaker will just keep your money staked. You are then labelled the 'backer' by default.

Betting System Strategies

BACKERS AND LAYERS SYSTEM: A 'layer' will always be the total opposite of the so called 'backer', it is basically the exact same thing as actually playing the profitable role of the bookmaker. Conversely, ever since the launch of the aptly named betting exchanges, when used in conjunction with the Betfair laying system, enables you to have a very profitable betting opportunity indeed. You now have the unique facility to lay your bets in exactly the same way as if you were a bookmaker - utilising a wide variety of different laying systems and strategies.

When the final result of the sporting event that you have lay bet does indeed lose as expected, you are then in the very enviable position of being able to keep the original money that you staked, just as the bookie has always been able to do. As a result, the tables have now turned into your favour, allowing you to take full advantage of this unique position by following the right football betting advice. You turn out to be the actual 'layer' of the bet.

Betting systems and strategies on betfair can only work if you follow the strategy exactly as explained...

It really goes without saying, to experience a high strike rate from betting, you really should be lay betting. Why? Because lay betting combined with the correct use of high quality lay betting systems and strategies can do wonders for your betting bank.

However you can't just follow any old strategies, they should be proven strategies and systems that have been specifically created to take full advantage of laying systems on Betfair. When used correctly proven systems can produce much bigger returns from your betting efforts, in fact you can win over 90% of all your bets if you can get this part right.

If you can win money on Betfair following these proven betting system strategies and then applying them in exactly the same way as your high street bookmaker does every single day, just by becoming the 'layer', why would anybody choose to be the 'backer' ever again?

Well, it depends on what you expect to gain from the various lay betting systems being employed, also what your general expectations from laying systems are.

Take a look at: Laying Guide to Betting Exchanges

Let me clarify ...

Betting systems and strategies - here's the typical 'backers' outlook...

Somebody searching for that 'quick betting system fix', understanding that every time they essentially make their back bet, immediately the odds become stacked very firmly against the possibility of a win bet. They're lured into 'backing' usually basing their selection process purely on gut feeling or a hunch, following betting systems and strategies that are unproven, recommended bets, perhaps a tip from their friend at work. For handing over a relatively small amount of cash, combined with the thrilling possibility of a feasible big win bet looming, the winning temptation can often be impossible to resist.

OBSERVE THE PLAYER: If someone enters a bookmakers shop they can probably witness an example of the 'player' clutching onto their hot system tips, winning systems and methods, betting system tips, lucky number lists and so on, every day performing the exact same routine they always use to help them make their final betting selections. Lay betting using the disciplined approach.

A few minutes prior to every horse race, they quickly glance over the next field of runners, make their choice then quickly run towards the bookies counter to enable them to make their bet, then they invariably stand in amazement as they watch it actually lose the race. The really strange factor at play here, is that they appear to adhere to this exact same overall pattern of losing, spanning over several different races, day in day out, week after week, and that is exactly why the bookies adore them!

Now, this is not to suggest that each 'backer' will fall into at least one of the categories above. Sometimes however, 'backers' will strive to put in that extra and additional work/effort required, assisting them to hopefully arrive at the selections derived from their betting system or systems, by attempting statistical data analysis, studying race types, perhaps taking betting system advice, or by following high quality betting system strategies for instance.

For those who fall within this winning group of bettors simply because they have formulated their own personal and unique betting system strategy or technique for selecting those truly hot horses inside a race. Or statistical evaluation could possibly be your style, delivering that all essential and lucrative edge into your preferred sports betting systems, prior to you determining when to place your back bet. Should that be the case, then I wish you luck because you have done extremely well, but you are pretty much within the minority of 'backers'.

Laying system strategies - typical 'layers' attitude ...

There's one essential factor that most 'layers' also 'backers' are most likely to possess, they both wish to make as much money as they possibly can within the shortest feasible quantity of time, generally by following various betting system strategies for football, or some other methodical strategy. The most important thing to take on board here is that you should always follow a betting system strategy that works.

This is undoubtedly accurate, but with some important variations. The 'layer' won't be expecting to create a killing from just one or two betting strategies or taking any unnecessary chances. As a consequence he/she is likely to become much more patient in their whole betting approach, therefore much better prepared (usually avoiding horse racing), secure in the understanding that the Betfair lay bet is readily accessible when they need it.

To be successful all 'layers' should develop a truly strong attitude towards the 'risk factor' that can rear it's ugly head, when you least expect it to. Each successful layer will have acquired a strictly disciplined outlook to laying and betting systems. Patience is also extremely important to make sure that you only make your lay bet when you find really strong indications of a possible betting opportunity.

Today, all of us understand that it's usually a lot more problematic to choose any winner, compared to picking out a loser. Consequently, in contrast to a 'backer', the possibilities are loaded extremely in favour of the 'layer' as far as the prospect of any effective betting system strategies being successful are concerned.

Always use a proven betting system strategy that works well on football and on betfair to ensure a good laying profit overall

DON'T FALL INTO THE TRAP: Sometimes, this significantly increased chance of an effective bet can lure the amateur 'layer' into the trap of thinking that laying is simple. It is simple to do, but you need to make confident bets according to sound judgement and analysis. Usually ensuring that you are completely acquainted with the kind of occasion you're betting, by following only proven betting systems and strategies, no laying simply on hunches, or whims. How to be ultra successful at football lay betting.

In contrast, the skilled and clever 'layer' will truly believe in their decision process by having complete self-confidence throughout their choice procedure and the betting system strategy employed, whilst adopting an extremely disciplined and professional systematic method to their betting generally.

They will by no means bet with cash that's needed for other important things like household bills, only utilising cash that's set aside quite simply and purely just for lay betting on their selections. Sticking invariably to all their proven betting systems and strategies, while following, a proven to win, really strong staking strategy, they would never ever over-bet money from their betting bank. Systematic money management.

In case your aim is to become really effective at Betfair laying and betting, you need to look toward getting a win rate of about 9 winning bets out of every 10. This really is an achievable target when employing proven betting system strategies and techniques. Always remember that you are searching for sports system losers, not the winners, and learn everything that you possibly can about laying how to win when you lose.


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