Betting On Betfair
Using The Laying System

The Betfair betting exchange the ideal place to start if you really want to get serious about your online betting activities. The phenomenal success of Betfair has really changed the way people think about gambling and online betting.

The traditional bookmaker is no longer needed when you use betting on Betfair. All transactions are conducted in a highly secure environment by simply betting online against other people, without the need to ever meet them face-to-face.

betting on betfair using the laying system

Betfair have taken the concept of using the laying system to all new dizzy heights. Millions of pounds change hands every day and it is the the job of Betfair to act as the intermediary. Every time someone decides to do some 'back betting' or 'lay betting', their highly sophisticated software takes over, to ensure that all customers accounts are updated accordingly, by keeping track of the extremely high volume of daily transactions. How Lay Betting Can Stack The Odds In Your Favour

Basically, there are two different ways of getting the most from Betfair. You have the normal way of betting that we all know by simply having a 'back bet' on the outcome of an event, which is called 'back betting', this is the the same as betting with a bookmaker, you are saying that the event will happen.

The power is in your hands when using the laying system on Betfair...

However, by taking full advantage of betting on Betfair and the power of the betting exchange enables you to 'lay bet' the outcome of an event , which is called 'lay betting' (before the betting exchanges came along this would have been impossible to do), what you are saying when you make a lay bet and use the laying system, is that the event will not happen. Betting systems explained

The online betting exchange has many advantages over the traditional bookmaker. You can now back bet or lay bet whilst a sporting event is actually playing, this is called back/lay betting in-play. This could be a football match, horse race, cricket, rugby, in fact almost any event imaginable. For example, betting on Betfair whilst the football match is actually in-play, you can either 'back bet' a team, or 'lay bet' a team virtually right up until the final whistle blows. This is one of the best ways to use the laying system whilst betting on Betfair. Make Lay Betting A Winning Habit

By making full use of the distinctive system that Betfair betting offers you also have the unique advantage of being able to 'trade' an event. When trading things can become a little more complicated but basically the idea is to 'back bet' and 'lay bet' in the same event to make a guaranteed profit whatever the outcome.

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of people who are actually back betting and lay betting on Betfair, at any given time, using their in-play facility, so the odds tend to fluctuate up and down as the event progresses.

Using the laying system when betting on Betfair has many unique features designed for winning...

And betting on Betfair doesn't stop there, you can back bet, lay bet, or trade on most of the big TV shows like Big Brother, X-Factor and so on. Not forgetting virtually every other sport imaginable is also covered. Isn't it time you started using the laying system on Betfair?

Now you may be thinking - What if I become really good at this and Betfair decide to close my account?

You don't have to worry about any of this with Betfair because they will never close or suspend your account for winning too much. Every time you make a profit Betfair will earn a small commission, up to a maximum of 5%, so every time you win, they win, so everybody's happy. Explanation Of How Lay Betting Works

The online betting exchange and betting on Betfair using the laying system has changed the way we 'back bet' and now 'lay bet' forever!

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