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Betfair online betting is an extremely lucrative alternative to using the traditional bookmakers. Many more Betfair online betting opportunities are now made available to the modern and visionary bettor, simply by making full use of the many unique, varied and highly profitable online betting markets made available through the thoroughly modern Betfair betting exchange.

betfair online betting advice and information

In recent years Betfair has really established itself as a world-class leader in the online betting industry with a weekly turnover running into the multiple millions, they can also boast many millions of customers.

Like never before, you now have the option to completely do away with the traditional bookmaker, in the normal sense anyway.

The unique Betfair online betting options that are now available to you are many and varied, simply by making full use of the internet's most established online betting and laying company - Betfair!

By eliminating the bookmaker altogether you have the opportunity to either take odds offered on the betting exchange by another person, this is called 'back betting', this is basically just the same as placing a 'back bet' with a traditional bookie.

Did you know you can bet just like a bookmaker on Betfair this is called lay betting...

Or (this is where it gets really exciting), you can do the exact opposite and offer odds for other punters to take, this is called 'lay betting', this is exactly what the traditional bookmakers do each time you place a bet with them.

I do hope you can see the possibilities here by playing the role of bookmaker and using Betfair system for all your online betting activities.

Betfair is a major online betting company and is highly respected, particularly in the UK. The company won the "UK Queens Award For Enterprise" for "outstanding innovation in the sports betting market". For an online betting company to win this highly prestigious award is truly outstanding in itself. Betfair How To

Most of the Betfair online customers are from the UK. The company is also licensed in Tasmania and therefore has thousands of customers from Australia, as well as other parts of the world.

However, at the time of writing, the United States have strict betting restrictions and legal policies in place against online gambling which prevents them from using online Betting Exchanges. Back betting versus lay betting.

Betfair must be extremely proud of their vast financial turnover, and so they should be with an estimated 90% share of the worldwide online betting exchange market. For example, a highly prestigious football match from the English Premiership league can see over one million pounds exchange hands, that's from just one match, proving just how popular Betfair really is.

Betfair caters for just about about any sport for both lay betting and back betting...

Most popular sports are available to 'back bet' and 'lay bet' using the Betfair online betting system including football, horse racing, golf, tennis, cricket,rugby, you name it and it's probably available on Betfair exchange betting for 'back betting' or 'lay betting' online. Step By Step Lay Betting Guide

Remember, you can 'back bet' or 'lay bet', it's up to you. Basically, you are betting on the outcome of an event that will (back bet) or will not (lay bet) happen.

Betfair is a highly respected UK company, in fact it's the most prestigious online betting exchange, this is proven by the fact that the company received the "UK Queens Award For Enterprise" for "outstanding innovation in the sports betting market".

That's why Betfair online betting should be your number one choice for all your online back betting and lay betting needs, simply because you know that your are dealing with a highly respected company. Explanation Of How Lay Betting Works

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