How The Betfair Lay Works

The typical Betfair lay bet is the complete opposite of the Betfair back bet, but in many ways the people that use them are very similar to each another. This is more often than not, because they both want to win some money.

Why are they similar? Because they are both using different betting methods to achieve the same goal - PROFIT from Betfair betting. The only real difference might be that the layer is usually more patient in their approach, waiting for the right moment before they take action with their Betfair lay.

how the betfair lay works

Quite often, the new layer doesn't really understand how the Betfair lay works and they need to play around with it to get a feel of everything before lay betting with real money.

This is a common problem, and all newbie layers are advised to proceed with caution, until your belief in lay betting builds up to a level where you feel confident.

My advice would be to only play with very low stakes initially, keeping all of your liabilities on any lay bet to an absolute minimum level, while you are getting to know the Betfair lay system.

Get to know how the Betfair lay works and you will feel more confident about using it...

Of course once you understand everything you need to know about the Betfair laying and betting, you will feel that more confident to increase your staking levels very slowly.

You should do this in a highly structured way, without leaving yourself open to any extreme liabilities if things happen to go wrong for you.

When laying their bets the Betfair layer never really expects to make a load of money from just one single lay betting opportunity.

Successful layers are quite often much less aggressive in their approach because they know that their profit will come, if not today, there will probably be another laying chance tomorrow.

In other words, they are well prepared mentally to be patient and wait, knowing that their lay betting system for profit will continue to grow steadily over time.

This follows the principle, that if they make more bets, their chance of making a profit increases overall.

Unlike a backer, the odds are stacked in the layers favour whenever he/she applies the Betfair lay.

Find losers and make money with the Betfair lay...

Because it's always far easier to pick out something to lose, as opposed to trying to pick the outright winner of something.

However, it must be said that an inexperienced layer on Betfair can easily come up against similar problems as faced by the backers.

After a number of consecutive wins, it's quite easy to slip into the confidence trap. They may start to lay larger bets, thus exposing themselves to bigger losses.

They may even start using Betfair laying on events that they don't know anything about.

Generally speaking though, the average layer will know that if he keeps his selection process tight and doesn't over expose himself, he should always come out on top in the long run.

How The Betfair Lay Betting System Works

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