How Does Betfair Lay Betting Work
Systems And Strategies Explained

So how does the Betfair lay betting system work? The simple answer is - pretty much the same as your average bookmaker who takes your bets and keeps your money if you whatever you have backed loses. Therefore if you could make a really nice betting profit doing exactly the same thing as a regular bookie does every single day - would that make you a happy winner?

When you have a 'back bet' using a Bookmaker in the normal way and the bet actually wins, your bookie pays out all your winnings. On the other hand, in the event the bet manages to lose then your bookie is able to keep your original money staked.

Through taking many bets from individuals using this customary approach makes it possible for the bookies to generate many millions of pounds revenue on an annual basis. You turn out to be the 'backer'. Backer bettors click for more info

Betfair Lay Betting

A 'layer' is considered the total opposite of a 'backer' - it basically puts you in the identical position as the bookmaker. Since the introduction of betting exchanges like Betfair, you have the distinct betting advantage of being able to work with Betfair lay betting systems and strategies, allowing you to lay your bets in exactly the same way as any bookmaker does. Should the result of the sporting event that you have lay bet on Betfair to actually go and lose, then you would get to keep the original stake money just like the bookmaker does day after day. You turn out to be the 'layer'. Lay bettors click for more info

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Betfair lay betting strategies and systems explained

There is always one key element that a majority of 'backers bettors' and 'lay bettors' are likely to have in common - they both desire to create just as much cash as they are able to inside the shortest period of time possible.

While this is an accurate statement, there are some very important differences at play. The 'layer' now has access to lay betting on Betfair, consequently he/she is a whole lot more prepared to be patient, whilst not really expecting to create an absolute killing from just a single lay betting chance.

All successful 'layers' should create a really powerful attitude towards risk, together with an extremely disciplined and sensible approach to lay betting, and the whole betting exchange environment preferably known as Betfair. Patience will always play a vital part whenever lay betting on Betfair, to make absolutely sure that you only ever use your tried and tested system whenever you uncover a really strong indicator of a possible lay bet.

How does it work together with lay betting systems on Betfair?

We all understand that choosing any contender to lose anything sport related, is in reality a whole lot simpler than trying to choose the winner of any given sporting event. Therefore, the probability of a lay bet on Betfair being successful is far greater than the chance of you winning a successful back bet, by following the conventional techniques of backing.

Having said that, the novice 'layer' should be really cautious to start with so they do not end up being overly confident and start Betfair laying on sporting activities that they know completely nothing about, or by falling in to the trap of believing that the laying system on Betfair is really simple, and as a result, regard it as an easy source of money. More info:- How To Keep A Disciplined Approach To Lay Betting

Alternatively, the well seasoned and highly clued-up 'lay bettor' should have total self-confidence in their chosen selection process, at the same time implementing an extremely disciplined and expert approach to their lay betting as a whole.

They will certainly adhere to an intelligent staking strategy, utilising a pot of betting money that is not required for any other purpose. This cash for lay betting on Betfair should be used exclusively for laying and absolutely nothing else. By doing this they will by no means ever over commit themselves financially.

When you start 'trying your hand' on the betting exchanges you ultimate aim should ideally be to become super effective, seeking out a winning level of something like 9 winners from every 10 lay bets. Keep in mind, you're lay betting on Betfair and looking for losers, obviously they are a whole lot easier to find than attempting to select winners, so a really high strike rate should be realistically achievable.

Always remember, the systematic approach to betting should always be followed and applied in a highly clinical fashion. Never let your emotions rule your head, let the system do it's work and apply Betfair lay betting only when the system followed indicates a proven lay bet. Lay Betting Guide To Betting Exchanges

If the strategy you are following displays a very high frequency of winners then your confidence should be through the roof every time you lay bet on the exchanges, especially if the long-term results show a 90%+ strike rate.

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