Betfair How To Win Money
Guide To Laying And Lay Betting

A simple "Betfair how to" win money guide forms an essential part of the learning process whilst you discover the amazing possibilities that the betting exchanges have to offer. Betfair is currently the world leader with a very high percentage share of the online betting exchange market.

Many people actually make very substantial amounts of money simply by using Betfair betting, this is mainly due to the fact that they have taken the time to learn the "tools of the trade".

Betfair How To Win Money

HUGE TURNOVER: Betfair is based in the UK and is a great success story, the company continues to grow and expand with a turnover of millions of pounds daily, making them the biggest online betting exchange company in the world.

Their secret, they offer real people the chance to play the role of bookmaker by allowing them to 'lay bet' as well as 'back bet'.

Take a look at: How Betting Exchanges Make Lay Betting Possible

What does this mean?

Well, 'back betting' is the same as placing a bet with a traditional bookie, if the event wins, then you win.

How to win money lay betting with this betfair how to guide:

PICK A LOSER AND WIN: The really unique part of "Betfair how to lay bet" is the ability to be able to place a bet on a specific event that you think will not win. This is called 'lay betting' or 'laying'.

This could be a football team for example. No longer do you have to back the winning team to collect your winnings, you now have the unique option to place a lay bet to lose, using online football lay betting with Betfair.

Here's an example of how to lay a bet with Betfair and win money...

Simply imagine that our most-liked soccer team are in fact competing on their home soil, plus you believe that this contest can't possibly result in the draw.

The Betfair laying odds are as follows:-

Side-A 7/4, The Draw 2/1, Side-B 5/2.

The following is the way it works and the way to utilise the Betfair lay odds of 2/1:-

The draw offers you laying odds of 2/1 therefore should you actually have a LAY bet about the draw not happening for lets say £10 then...

You would definitely suffer a loss of twenty pounds (2 x £10). In the event that this particular game of soccer did in actual fact end with a draw result.

However, if the game did in actual fact fail to end with the draw result you would automatically win ten pounds (all your original lay bet investment), because of this action you have taken on the persona of the bookmaker, as a result you are allowed to keep the original ten pounds staked (less a little Betfair exchange percentage, the maximum is 5% of your profit).

"Betfair how to" conclusion:- This is very similar to walking into virtually any bookies shop and then investing a ten pound wager at the odds of 2/1, the visible difference to take notice of is when the wager made doesn't succeed any bookie will simply keep all your money staked (£10 risk). When you LAY a bet implementing the Betfair lay bet online, you would quite simply get to keep your money staked in pretty much the same way as any bookie would do.

Another exciting feature of Betfair online betting is the fact that you can 'back bet' and 'lay bet' whilst the game/event is actually playing, this is called 'in-play' back betting and 'in-play' lay betting. For example, you can either 'back a bet' or 'lay a bet' to predict what the outcome of a football match will be, right up until the final whistle blows.

"Betfair how to lay bet and win money" explanation:- Let's say that your favourite football team is playing at home and they are 30 minutes into the game with a 0-0 score-line. Your team has played really well with several near misses, you think that they have been very unlucky and it's only a matter of time before they score, and you feel certain that they will win the game in the end.

Betfair guide to laying - how to lay a bet and win money...

THE BETFAIR EXPERIENCE: By using Betfair online betting, you could simply 'back bet' the home team to win, or you could 'lay bet' the draw, or you could 'lay bet' the away team. This can be done while the game is still playing - 'in-play' betting.

There are also many other different markets available for back betting and lay betting, too many to mention in this simple "Betfair how to" guide to laying.

If you find in-play back betting and in-play lay betting interesting, it would be well worth the time to take a good look at the Betfair site, to find out more about the various online betting markets available to you, taking the time to learn the "tools of the trade". How The Betfair Lay Betting System Works

There are many different methods of online betting with the betting exchanges. You may find it easier to specialise in one particular area and focus on that. You should choose a sport that you really enjoy, learning everything you can about the different types of online betting markets available. If you choose a sport that you really love, your Betfair online betting experience will be much more enjoyable, therefore making how to learn all about Betfair laying much more exciting for you.

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