Betfair Betting Exchange Explained
Guide About How it Works

Betfair started originally as a UK based company but recently they have started to open up their doors in other countries. The Betfair betting exchange has steadily grown into the most prestigious online betting exchange available today. Explained in this guide is how it works when used alongside strategies and systems that have proven to be extremely popular in recent years, offering real people the opportunity to succeed by using one of today's most important online exchanges.

Betfair Betting

TURNED ON ITS HEAD: The ever growing popularity of Betfair betting strategies has really turned the gambling world on its head, with millions of pounds in bets exchanging hands every day, leaves absolutely no doubt about the high quality service offered to customers using exchanges.

The vast number of online trading facilities offered to punters is ever increasing. Gone are the days when your only option was to select the winner of a sporting event. You are now able to either 'back a winner' or 'lay a loser', it's up to you. This is commonly referred to as 'back betting' or 'lay betting'. Step-by-step lay betting guide

Basically, you can use Betfair betting strategies to your advantage, by simply using your own judgement to pick out a single horse in a race. Or, let's say, your favourite football team is playing at home and is sure to be a winner for you, however you have a nagging doubt in your mind that the match could end in a draw.

Betfair betting how it works to back, lay or trade your bets...

This is how Betfair betting works: Using the unique facility offered within the secure betting exchange environment, you are now able to use lay betting on almost any sporting event to for something to lose, instead of just simply backing something to win in the accepted conventional way. The trading and in-running marketplace is also a very popular alternative, and is available in an ever increasing range of markets. You can either trade just a single bet in just about any sport, or multiple bets within the same sport. The many options available are wide and varied.

This is called laying, when you do this using Betfair lay betting you are actually saying that the sport/event you are laying is not going to win, this could be a football team, golfer, cricket match, horse in a race, tennis player, or almost any other sporting event.

Therefore, you could simply lay the away team in a football match, then if your favourite football team wins whilst playing at home, or can only manage a draw, your football lay bet will still be successful and you make some extra money.

Many more opportunities are open to you right now, more than ever before, applying this unique way of betting. Most of these online markets are simply not available with a conventional bookmaker.

BET OR LAY YOUR OWN JUDGEMENT: For example, you are now able to back bet or lay bet in-play, virtually right up until the final whistle (some traditional bookies are now starting to offer a wide range of in-play bets). This facility enables you to follow football betting systems and join in with the action whilst the game is actually playing, therefore opening up many more different and exciting trading angles that you can profit from, simply by making full use of the one in a million opportunity that their unique systems and software have to offer. Discover how to win money betting on football.

Various betfair betting strategies, tips and ideas, can be used across a wide range of different betting markets:

The markets and events covered by betting this way are many and varied. How about using the Betfair betting exchange for a back bet or laying on reality shows like 'Big Brother', or maybe 'The X Factor'? These and many other TV shows are now available. You can use your own judgement about who you think will win, or lose using Betfair laying and betting online.

Millions of people are backing and laying every week simply by using various Betfair betting strategies found within the most prestigious online betting exchange company called Betfair, for odds at the best price on the traditional horse race, soccer, rugby, motor racing, tennis, and virtually any other profitable race, event, match, game you can think of. One of my favourites is to lay bet on football matches with a proven track record of losing.

How do Betfair actually make their money?

They actually take a very small commission from every successful back bet or lay bet you make. The maximum is 5% but it can be as little as 1% or 2% of your net profit, depending on how much backing and laying you do. Get more info by clicking here.

Another extremely important point to consider:-

If you have a big win on any of your bets, or simply win too much from your bets with any normal bookmaker, they will almost certainly suspend your account, or at the very least restrict your betting activities in an attempt to eliminate as many winning accounts as possible. This would never happen to anyone using Betfair. You can win and take as much money as you like out of the system without any manual restrictions or penalties for winning too much on a horse race, football match, tennis player, golf tournament, or any other sport for that matter. Discover the Betfair lay right now.

It makes absolutely no difference whatsoever to Betfair if you are a constant winner, they would never suspend your account for winning too much. In fact they will probably love you because you are paying them their commission, it's an all-round win-win situation every day of the week. Also Betfair uses only the very best online security for all their trading and transactions, making an extremely secure and successful method of backing and laying online. Take a look at: Betfair How To

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