Lay Betting On Betfair
Profitable Lay Betting Tips And Secrets

Is it really possible to win 9 bets from every 10 when lay betting on betfair?

Well it really depends on whether you are a 'backer' or a 'layer'. I'll try to explain ...

An incredible amount of profit is created year after year as a result of the way bookies do business. They generate pretty much all of these funds merely by acquiring 'back bets' from a wide range of sports including football, a single horse or maybe several horses from a race, motor racing, rugby and a whole host of other markets that display odds.

lay betting on betfair profitable lay betting tips and secrets

All of these results usually come from those people who believe that the end result of a specific event, where they have backed the final result to win, will end positively in their favour and give them a handsome payout. The vast majority of these bets coming from betting on race horses and football. Click here for your best options.

This is what's called the regular application of ‘backing’. Your bookie will keep the money invested in the event your chosen bet happens to lose. However, if your bet wins the bookie will pay out their liability in the normal way. It is essential that punters fully understand the concept of this system. This is traditionally known as ‘backing’ or ‘back bet’. You would be referred to as the ‘backer’. Backers click here

The combination of lay betting and the betfair betting exchange really hold the secrets to winning...

The opposite of 'backing' is the 'lay betting method' - by making full use of the creativity offered by betting exchanges when following exchange systems on Betfair, you are now able to fundamentally do the exact same thing as most bookmakers do everyday.

Laying (taking bets) enables the hugely prosperous bookmakers to make their vast yearly profits. Now you have the real distinctive advantage of using your own judgement to predict the final outcome from almost any sports event and if the lay bet loses, as expected, you keep all of the money staked in the same way as the bookie has always done.

This is known as 'lay betting'. You turn into the 'layer'. Layers click here

You've probably heard the saying “a financially poor bookmaker is very difficult to find”.

For that reason, you might ask this burning question:- If I became a 'layer' and started using the lay strategy just like the bookies, why would I ever want to do 'backing' ever again?

Well, it all depends whether you want to become a betting system guru from using exchange betting, and what you realistically expect to achieve from your overall lay betting while winning money from losing. Also what is the quality of the betfair system that you are following?

Why the betting system you follow should be proven and profitable over many years of testing...

If and when you start to follow a lay betting system, you will need to be hyper-vigilant about the type of system you follow. Why? Because there are a lot more really bad systems out there than really good ones. And because it's so easy for many people to acquire a really bad system without even trying to hard.

There are lots of betting system creators who take shortcuts, but they will always tell you that their system is the best thing since sliced bread. This can lead to all sorts of problems for the people who follow these systems, not to mention the depletion of their own betting bank of money. This has the knock-on effect of leaving you without any hope of recovery, quite simply because the system is flawed by its selection process before you even get started. How to make lay betting a winning habit

Therefore, you should only ever follow a system that is intelligent enough to recognise a good bet from a bad bet. Systems like this are few and far between, but one of the main key factors to look for, and a question you should ask yourself - is this system proven? Not just over a few months of testing, but several years of number crunching that can deliver a system that is proven to work. How to win when you lose

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