How Betting Exchanges
Make Lay Betting Possible

Betting evolved and we followed, along with our betting habits and the systems we follow for betting on football. The fact that bookmakers exist has allowed for the creation of betting systems in their various formats.

People started to bet on anything and everything that sport could throw at them. The bookmakers were always ready and willing to take bets on pretty much any sporting occasion. Because of this, betting quickly progressed into our sporting life almost every day, helping us to bet as and when required.

how betting exchanges make lay betting possible

Then something really big hit the betting world so hard, it shook. Betting exchanges arrived and changed the face of betting as we know it forever. Now there is no going back, and nobody seems to wants to.

Betfair exchange betting has definitely arrived, and is here to stay because people just love it. The most loved thing about Betfair is the lay betting facility, allowing the betting public to have a voice, and make their own decisions about whether something is going to win or lose.

Take betting on football for example, to make a profit from any match we bet on, our chosen bet needs to win for us to make a profit. This is quite often more difficult than it sounds.

Lay betting is made possible because the betting exchanges exist...

Now the very existence of lay betting is made possible because of the betting exchanges and the unique variety of bets they are able to offer their customers. The lay bet is a typical example of this and is a welcomed addition to anyone’s betting armoury.

Most of the betting people I know like to be winners, not just in life, but also in their betting skills. With the right football lay system in place you can see first-hand, just how betting exchanges make lay betting possible.

So what’s this all about, well to put it simply you are betting on something that you think will lose, yes I did say ‘lose’.

Plain English explanation: If you place a bet with a conventional bookmaker and you lose, it goes like this - you bet, you lose, the bookie wins. Notice that ‘the bookie wins’. Now, lay betting is just like putting yourself in the place of the bookie, did you see what happened, you lose and the bookie is the winner every single time.

The football laying system is designed to profit from betting. But, to show consistency it must be proven to win over 90% of all the bets it generates to ensure the odds are stacked favourably for you.

The ingredients of any good betting system must enable the system to win, or it becomes a pointless exercise. The right ingredients will promote success and keep the whole system running smoothly. Every now and again, a few adjustments may be required to the rules of the system to keep the system profitable.

We need to maintain a natural flow to all our systematic football betting and laying, if we want to see continued profit and success right through the whole soccer season.

For any laying systems to win as expected, we require unrestricted use of exchange betting on Betfair. Without this unique facility the football lay system couldn't exist in its present format. Things would revert back to the old-fashioned style of betting, better known as traditional ‘back betting’.

Why we must be able to accept changes in the way we bet, or laying on the betting exchanges just won't be possible...

Changes in the way we bet must be accepted for betting to continue. Lay betting is a reminder of this. When bettors first heard about this new way of betting, many didn't like the change, they worried about having to learn something new and accepting this new way of betting.

The natural progression of football betting systems and the opportunities they deliver, is something that we all have to accept. As long as we can adapt to the changes we can all continue to enjoy our football betting, albeit in a different format. Football laying is now widely accepted, it’s a case of having to accept it, because if we don’t we will all be betting in the dark ages, whilst others around us will be keeping abreast of the newer and more modern ways of betting on football.

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