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The outstanding free of charge information and facts that are made available for you inside the ‘advice’ pages found on the Betfair website are without a doubt an excellent place to start for your all round football lay betting strategies and advice about how it works in the real world of laying. This is actually a really superb free resource to get you started with the excitement of winning some cash from the betting exchange without any input from any bookmaker whatsoever.

Bear this in mind and keep focussed – “a person that gives up too easily can never win over the longer term, even when given the time” but “the person who wins will never really ever feel like giving up because he/she is making money on a regular basis”.

football lay betting strategies

Is the whole betting game profitable enough for those poor old bookmakers, ask yourself these questions: Is lay betting really profitable for you? Can you make your own lay betting profit on a regular basis?

Use these tips wisely and learn everything that you possibly can relating to the subject of football lay betting and how it all works together with the help and guidance of this useful and informative advice.

This is just not about seeking out those premiership football betting system winners, it really is only about being on the lookout for losers, apply this highly profitable betting tip sensibly and you could be rewarded handsomely.

Your main objective should really be looking in the direction of a winning strike rate of somewhere in the region of 90%+. Is this a possible and realistic target? Absolutely, let me explain why: It goes without really saying to much, that picking out a loser by following any type of sports betting systems has to be logically much easier than it would be to try and predict the winner from the same event, whether football or just about any other sport you can possibly think of.

Football lay betting system and strategies explained:

In general a bookmaker will think in an entirely different way to the average person that likes to have the odd bet or two. This gives you a clue to the way they are thinking, the bookie thinks that when he/she takes your bet that you are going to lose, and I bet most times that you do, particularly if you follow the wrong football lay betting strategies or system. However, on the other side of the coin, you think and feel positive about your selection and that you are going to win (otherwise you wouldn't have made the bet would you).

This is where you average bookmaker will start to think a whole lot different to most of the betting public because they are lay betting and know exactly how betting works. They know statistically that you, as the bettor, have a much higher chance of losing your money, which in turn gives them their profit. They keep repeating this process throughout their daily routine, safe in the knowledge that they will always come out on top, not just from you, but from almost every other person that bets with them throughout that day.

Winning advice, information and help about how football lay betting strategies work today...

In reality, we all know that the bookie won't win every time, but they will keep your hard earned money many more times than they actually payout a profit to you. The bookies are in business to make money, lots of it, but they are very happy paying out every now and again when someone actually wins their bet. They actually like this because it fuels the fire in your belly to keep on betting, and they will love you for it.

Now, if you decide to think like a bookmaker and start laying your bets and applying a fully proven football lay betting system, instead of backing your football bets, you can also turn a nice profit and win over 90% of the time. However use a little caution here because not all sports can achieve the 90%+ strike rate. The sport I have found to be best at achieving a really high strike rate from laying is the game of football.

Now don't start thinking you can plod straight into lay betting on football without knowing exactly what you are doing. The secret here is to follow a proven football lay betting system that has been tried and tested over many years to arrive at the 90%+ success rate. You decide: Lay betting systems how to win

Why This Football Lay Betting System Finds The Right Lay Bets


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