Explanation Of How Lay Betting Works

If you had a betting system specifically designed for football lay betting, that had been uniquely created from scratch – do you believe it’s possible to win some extra cash, especially if you could combine that newly created system with the betting exchange element over at Betfair?

explanation of how lay betting works

It’s sad but true, only a very small percentage of people will ever make any money from betting, with the majority of punters losing much more than they ever win. So what’s the secret? Well the answer will probably come as no surprise, because it’s lay betting. When you start laying you can sack your bookmaker, because if you didn't already know the lay bet revolves around finding losers.

Compared to back betting, laying is the new kid on the block. The majority of people don’t really like change. They get stuck into a certain way of doing things (like back betting) and don’t really want to move out of their comfort zone to explore what lay betting has to offer. I will try to explain a little more about what the lay bet can offer the more adventurous layer.

If you give lay betting a proper go it could work for you...

Football is the ideal game to explain in more detail what lay betting can offer those bettors who would like to give it a proper go. Every betting person with a pulse knows that there are 3 main outcomes of a football match once it has finished playing. WIN, LOSE, DRAW. There are many other bet types to choose from before the game starts, and even more once the game goes in-play.

For the sake of this explanation, we will just focus on the win, lose, or draw to keep things simple while I explain how you can make lay betting a winning habit.

If you think that a very easy win is on the cards for the home team. This can offer you a whole plethora of betting opportunities to think about. The easiest being just ‘back’ the team playing at home for an outright win, and if your judgement is correct you will win money. The other side of the coin can display a completely different scenario – I think you know what I am about to say, if the away team won the game all too easily, what would happen now? You would lose money because you picked the wrong side to do the business.

Now, let’s look at the same match again, but this time focusing on ‘football laying’. We mentioned 3 outcomes earlier, but this time think long and hard about any one of those 3 possible outcomes NOT happening.

After some thought you conclude that a ‘draw’ result is quite simply out of the question. So you decide to place faith in your proven and unique betting system formula to lay the draw result. The advantage now swings into your favour by allowing you to win if either the ‘side playing at home’, or the ‘side playing away’ manages to win the game outright.

If you fully understand this explanation of how lay betting works it can win some real money for you...

What has happened here? Because we had a lay bet on the ‘draw’ – there is only one way we could lose any money, and that is if the match did indeed end in a ‘draw’. You win money because, in contrast to the ‘back’ bet you had in the other example (which only gave you 1 chance of actually winning anything), you have automatically given yourself 2 positive chances of winning, out of the 3 outcomes that could happen.

Is the football lay betting system easy to use?

This all sounds really great, but can it be that easy to do - Yes or No? Well the answer could go either way depending on whether you are able to accept the need to change your betting habits for ever.

Yes, this has real potential, but only if you follow the right football lay betting system without any deviation from the rules whatsoever.

No, if you only ever bet haphazardly, you can only win money in a haphazard way. Also the system followed must be specifically designed for lay betting on football.

The lay bet is offered through betting exchanges, such as Betfair exchange betting. Laying should always be done in an environment where the lay betting markets are highly liquid with plenty of money floating around, this will help you to get your lay bets matched quickly.

Having a proven lay betting strategy to follow is paramount to your success. Get this wrong, and your lay betting could really struggle to make any profit, or just fail completely without ever getting off the ground.

Football Lay Betting System Profit From The World Of Losers

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