Betting System Specifically
Designed For Football Lay Betting

By having full usage of a specifically designed strategy that has been created from the ground up, solely with football lay betting as its primary objective. Combine this with full use of the unique service offered within the Betfair betting exchange environment, offers you the unique opportunity of winning over 90% of the time.

betting system specifically designed for football lay betting

Over the long run, only a measly 2% of all punters make any real money from their betting activities, nearly always losing more money than what they have actually won. The real secret is quite simply to use a lay betting method, and start betting like a bookmaker does on a daily basis. This is truly possible when using exchange betting to predict the 'losing' outcome of a soccer match.

Football lay betting is not difficult to learn with the right betting system - it's just a different way of thinking...

There are not many people who claim to know everything about lay betting in general. Perhaps they think it's too complex or difficult to learn, or they believe that it's not for them, leaving the lay bet to professional bettors, or those in the know.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Take football lay betting as a typical example, we all know that football has 3 possible outcomes at the end of the game, win, lose, or draw. Actually that's only partly true because there's a whole array of other bets available at the start of a game, and whilst it's in-play.

However, if you only concentrate on win, lose, or draw to start with, it simplifies the whole process of learning more about how lay betting can stack the odds in your favour.

Let's assume you think that the team playing at home should win their match very easily. This now gives you many different options to play with. You could just simply 'back' the home team to win the game outright, and if it obliges you would collect the winnings you deserve. However, what happens if the home team plays like an amateur side and loses the game, and the away team wins the game easily? I think you know the answer to that question already - you would lose your money because you only have the one chance of winning, from the 3 possible outcomes.

This time we will look at a different match from a 'football lay betting' point of view. Remember the 3 outcomes I mentioned earlier, now you can take a view about the same match and pick any one of those 3 outcomes that you think WON'T happen.

After a little thought your opinion of this game is that it simply cannot end in a 'draw'. So this time we will use our football betting system specifically designed for football lay betting and lay bet the 'draw'. Now, if either the 'home team' or 'away team' win this game you will win your football lay bet.

How does this work? Because you decided to lay bet the 'draw' - the only way you can lose money is if the game actually ends with the 'draw' result - this strategy shows you how to win money betting on football because unlike the 'back bet' in the previous example (where you only had 1 chance of winning), you now have 2 winning chances, from the 3 possible outcomes.

Is lay betting on football easy to do?

Applying a betting system to football lay betting sounds great, but is it really that easy? 'Yes', and sometimes 'No' is the answer...

Yes, the ability to succeed 9 times out of 10 is real enough, but you need to harness the right laying system for football together with a betting exchange such as Betfair. Only a specifically designed system will give you the desired win rate, therefore be specific and make sure the lay betting system used is suitable for football.

No, to get the desired continuous results you must make absolutely sure that any systematic method used is specifically designed for the purpose of winning when laying to lose on the betting exchanges.

Taking bets (laying) is a unique facility offered at the business end of the betting exchange markets, and should be viewed as the complete opposite to the traditional form of betting known as ‘backing’ – when you make a 'lay bet' you are basically saying that something is never likely to be successful or even happen.

Now this could be almost any sporting event imaginable, but we are only concentrating on football betting in this article. However, with the right strategy, the list of possibilities are endless – this is exactly how the bookmakers make their vast yearly profits.

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